Many people have contacted me with concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.  In an effort to update you on the latest information, I am sending this letter to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.  I would also like to try to put this crisis in perspective. Learn More:
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COVID-19 Newsletter #2

COVID-19 Newsletter #2

In an effort to keep you informed, I am writing my second newsletter on the COVID-19 pandemic.  Below is a list of topics that will help you stay safe, better understand the testing issue and help you plan for what is to come. COVID-19 Testing in Tucson:  There...


Fighting your Personal Battle Against COVID-19 I’ve taken some ribbing during my career for my interests outside of medicine, once described as “more of a warrior than a doctor.”  About 15 years ago, a family member of one of my patient’s put it another way.  I...