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One thing I have learned as a doctor is that hope – legitimate hope – is often good medicine. It can be a powerful antidote to pessimism and cynicism. It is a tonic without side effects. When situations appear hopeless, it is never wise to give up. It is always better to fight, whether that means using medicine to fight disease, or using every ounce of courage you have to fight evil.

Despite the fact that many of us are feeling down about the problems facing our nation, the actions of individuals remind us that brave people can and do make a difference. So, last week, little A-nari Taylor – who is too young to be concerned with politics – found a way to make a difference in one life. Her actions give me hope.

The story, which was not widely covered by the national press, goes something like this: Seven-year-old A-nari Taylor was out playing with her 4-year-old cousin in front of her apartment complex. A 39-year-old child predator approached the children and tried to abduct A-nari’s 4-year-old cousin, Brandon. This powerful man grabbed Brandon and told the children that God had told him to take Brandon away. A-nari fought off the attacker with her bare hands, saving her little cousin’s life.

A-nari just received an award from the Miami Police Department for her bravery and courage, during which time she received a standing ovation from all of the officers who were present.

Thanks for the hope, A-nari. Nothing more to say.